24th International Conference on
Reliable Software Technologies

11-14 June 2019, Warsaw, Poland

Keynote Speakers

On the three central days of the conference week, a keynote will be delivered as the opening event to address hot topics of relevance in the conference scope.

Tucker Taft

AdaCore, USA

A 2020 View of Ada

(Thursday 13th)

Abstract. The Ada language continues to evolve.
Ada 95 brought us object-orientation, hierarchical libraries, and protected objects. Ada 2005 brought us multiple inheritance of interfaces, "Object.Operation" syntax, and a container library. Ada 2012 brought us contract-based programming, iterators, and quantified expressions. So where is Ada 2020 going? And what about Ada 2099? This talk will illustrate some highlights of the features anticipated in the forthcoming Ada 2020 standard, and speculate about how Ada will or should continue to evolve in the 21st century.

Short Bio. S. Tucker Taft is VP and Director of Language Research at AdaCore, and Senior Advisor for AdaCore's "QGen" Model-Based Development toolsuite. Tucker led the Ada 9X language design team, culminating in the February 1995 approval of Ada 95 as the first ISO standardized object-oriented programming language. His specialties include programming language design, advanced static analysis tools, formal methods, real-time systems, parallel programming, and model-based development. Tucker is a member of the ISO Rapporteur Group that developed Ada 2005 and Ada 2012. Tucker has also been designing and implementing a parallel programming language called "ParaSail," and defining parallel programming extensions for Ada as part of the forthcoming Ada 2020 standard.